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** We are happy to announce that we are expanding our consulting branch into a new company with one of eSports top player. Check us out at www.strafejump.com ** Our passion for eSports & casual gaming helped us sucessfully working with companies like ESL, TaKeTV, Freaks4U, Western Digital, Red Bull, Gerolsteiner and many more. Our belief is that proper guidance and expert advice adds genuine value to these companies.


Besides our own events we help big companies create the ultimate experience for their clients at trade-fairs, tournaments and events. To name a few events: Red Bull Gaming Ground, Gamescom, IFA, Red Bull Best Plays, WD Black Monster Cup, ESL Meisterschaft.

Talent Management

We have been working with pros, commentators, hosts, Twitch and YouTube celebrities at events like Gamescom, Red Bull Gaming Ground, IFA and many more.

Gaming Bus

Our next big project is a multi-setup gaming bus. We are working hard to get it running next year and you will see it on trade-fairs, Twitch.tv, game release tours and many other occasions. Follow at www.Gamingbus.de

Why Esports&Gaming?

''Global eSports revenue is predicted to be almost $2billion by 2018''

Modern eSports is a powerhouse industry, with teams worth multi-million dollars and the best players enjoying near-celebrity status. The glossy, pre-packaged eSports of today hasn’t been around for very long and therefore still very attractive to new investors. The eSports economy has gone from being relatively obscure and unmonitored 10 years ago, to generating revenue of about $750m last year. Tech companies, streaming services such as Twitch, and ESPN all now cover eSports, while game publishers and even sports drinks companies are now deeply involved in helping to fund, sponsor and normalise eSports as a part of mainstream culture. Today we have highly organised continental leagues, global tournaments and celebrity pro gamers. Newzoo estimates 131 million eSports enthusiasts follow games and events regularly, and another 125 million occasional viewers tune in mainly for the big international events. The history of eSports is fascinating, but it is surely nothing compared to what is coming next.

About Us

Currently we are expanding and always happy to work with new passionate faces
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We would like to thank you for your trust and confidence in our work and look forward to the successful continuation of our partnership in the future.

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